The Legend of little glow

Meet The Glowberry Bears

Little Glow

Power: Light FORCE

An endearing chatterbox, Little Glow is adventurous and imaginative.  He’s the younger brother of fraternal twins, Twinkles and Twinkleton, and also their biggest headache. But the tiniest of the bear cubs doesn’t mean to be a pain, he just wants to prove that he is just as brave and strong as his older siblings. Only his best friend, Glimmer, knows that his only fear is that he might not be.



Power: Light SPEED

Twinkles is a sweet and studious Glowberry Bear. She is well rounded and well liked, but her perfectionism leads to much conflict between her and Twinkleton. Twinkles excels when she has control, helps anyone she can, and she is super protective of her brothers. She challenges herself to turn even the most boring chore into an enjoyable experience.


Power: Light GROW

Twinkleton struggles to be the best big brother and friend he can in any situation. Which is problematic, when he’s trying to choose between joining the fun, or cutting it short before it becomes too dangerous. The goofy older brother has an insatiable appetite for food and mysteries, but is careful to maintain his athletic build, after each buffet - he calls a meal. He’s very reliable and sincerely gives silly solutions to serious problems.

Dusty McStardust

Power: Light STARS

Dusty is an overdramatic and conspiracy obsessed Glowberry Bear. Always quick to plead insanity instead of the fifth. Dusty will accuse first, ask later, but when confronted, tell a yarn so convoluted that you lose what the confrontation was even about.

Summer Lightly

Power: Light SHIELD

Summer Lightly is warm and fun like Summer time.  She’s a sweet and innocent airhead and very in tune with nature and art. Despite her ditzy ways, she is extremely bright but, ironically, she’s also a scatter-brain with a photographic memory, or as she likes to call it “a photo collage in her head.” She can see the best in everyone but can never see when she is being taken advantage of, which explains why her best friend Twinkles is so protective of her.

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Book Reviews

  • From: Shelia - Writer & Reviewer of Why Not? Because I Said So Book Reviews and Author Interviews. Her review can also be found on GoodReads!

    I read The Glowberry Bears: The Legend of Little Glow to my 2nd graders. They were interested in the book and its characters from the beginning. The story has cute characters and an exciting plot line. We didn't finish the book in one day. The next day my class kept asking me when we were going to finish The Glowberry Bears book.

    After we read the story we talked about what they thought the story was about. I was pleased that they picked up on some of the main themes such as believing in yourself, working together as a team so you can get more done, and never giving up even when times are tough.

    The Glowberry Bears: The Legend of Little Glow is a great read-aloud book for K-2 classes. It would also make a good story to read at home and discuss with your children about the themes found in the book.

    ⎯ Sheila: Book Reviewer & Writer

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  • From: Wanda Luthman's Book Blog

    Hi Everyone,

    Welcome to Wanda Luthman’s Christian & Children’s Book Blog!

    Today, I’m sharing with you a story that will inspire your little one. It’s written by R.C. McKenzie and published by Midas Well Entertainment.

    Here’s what it’s about

    It’s Graduation Day for a group of young Glowberry Bears, and the whole village is getting ready to celebrate. But one Bear, named Little Glow, is worried he might not graduate with his classmates, because he still hasn’t worked out what his special power is.

    When the sneaky Snorts decide to spoil the day by draining the Glowberries of light and plunging the Island into darkness, can Little Glow finally find his power and stop them before it’s too late?

    Follow the Northern Lights and go on a magical journey all the way to Glowberry Island, to meet some very special Bears. ...

    ⎯ Wanda Luthman: Blogger

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Meet The Family

Meet the Burgess Family

Somewhere between “might as well go for it” and the “Midas Touch” turning the smallest of items into pure gold, you’ll find Midas Well Entertainment – a family-owned, Georgia-based company founded by Robert Burgess Sr. Quite literally, hoping to strike gold by creating, producing and distributing several types of creative intellectual properties, the business was built on the foundation of ideas and dreams, reaching back to the 1980s.

When MWE first started, the President and CEO of the company, Robert Burgess began seeking ways to bring his creative ideas to life. Somewhere along the way, he was able to define his “why”. Why did he start the business in the first place? Why did he want to bring his ideas to life? Why did any of it matter? Ultimately, the answer to all these questions was and still is, family. With that, he decided to stop trying to make it all happen on his own, and to move forward with his reason why…his family.

In 2019, Robert, his wife Cynthia, and their two sons and daughter, Robert Jr (affectionately known as BJ), Jared and Candace joined forces to take Midas Well to new heights. While Robert viewed working with and for his reason as a gift in and of itself, the decision came with a few added benefits. Cynthia brought knowledge on bringing products to market and marketing. Robert Jr studied Film and Video and is a talented screenwriter. Candace is a singer/songwriter and has a background in Project Management. Jared is the ultimate gamer and is also a talented writer. With everyone’s talents combined, Midas Well has all its bases covered – from TV to movies, from books to games and music, and from concept to market, each member of the family has their finger on the pulse of a creative avenue that Midas Well will pursue. Robert knew that with this small but mighty team, there was a wealth of knowledge and huge potential for success.

Now, Midas Well Entertainment is excited to share the first project to market– The Glowberry Bears – The Legend of Little Glow- the first book of what is expected to be a successful book and TV series. There have been several iterations of the Glowberry Bears from when it was first conceptualized in 1987. Now in 2023, the book is a beautiful display of Midas Well Entertainment’s current vision, passion and creativity. The best part – it is the product of a collective vision shared by a group that also has a collective “reason why”. Keeping family first is the reason Midas Well is where it is today and will be the reason for all the touches of gold to come!

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